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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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your room and i could see if you have one screen in the center maybe those two double 18s there but they don't fit into our 8 point sound like system. >> commissioner perez. >> hello hello. >> what exactly type of entertainment is it external. >> we're a moa arts organization we don't audio and visible performers so it is electrically so for the most part audience sit insides 10 screens and sit inside a speaker euaway ray and placing play back or live experience that envelopes you it is about the digital arrested experience. >> sounds great are you
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planning on those o doing these until 2:00 a.m. >> this is not the only program but renting the venue for conferences and other types of performances and other types of musical performances hours will advisor for the most part those types of shows will end at midnight not a market to go past that for that type of experience you, however, we do want the capacity of being able to go to 2 for some shows 42 but not regularly we don't want to be sown seen as a night club and i know you did ouch with art institutions did you reach out to the neighbors next door to you. >> we only - we personally
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didn't reach to neighbors we had a couple of neighbors that reached out to us but we didn't do it ourselves. >> are you planning on could go that. >> yes. as part of our abc permits we're doing that. >> it's part of the permits for the entertainment not only with other artists organizations but the neighbors that are potentially going to be impacted by your entertainment so that's part of your requirement. >> we met with the residence that reached out to us and been proements ourselves out to the public as much as possible we've been there fundraising commissioner caminong. >> hi i think it is wonderful that you guys are going to have
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this space i noticed in the neighbor contact you reached to but the merchant association and back on commissioner perezs question about the process with reaching out to the neighbors just seeing over 20 signatures from people saying they're not been contracted there's needs to be more of a push. >> yeah. we terms of residential definitely we are a staff of 5 people we've think trying to raise money to open and like i said in the fast we're known for our community outreach it is really difficult to go through the process of getting this theatre off the ground we're trying to be as visible as possible and anytime people reached out to us we're
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immediately responsive we didn't do it specific e-mail the neighbors not having the contacts but through the abc we're issuing letters for people around the building. >> commissioner. >> i know when you were a dj do you have the fund in case you don't pass the sound like track you have that money set aside for the enforcement and we have contingency fund i'm sure what the exact costs of the increased sound progressively might be but contingency funding. >> if you don't pass you won't get the permitting. >> any other questions. >> hi just kind of pushing for the community outreach it is important to know you'll be
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following through the community outreach would you consider an open house i know you said it's difficult to reach out to all individuals but invite people to come to you and be able to tell your what to expect so they'll be comfortable with our programming. >> yeah. i think we'll first gotten hold of the building we promoted an open house and a few people came to it so i'm not sure that that is the most effective avenue for us to take i'm very happy that neighbors have spoken up i'd like the list offer people we don't have tare contact information we've tried to be as open. >> you've met without community outreach to your neighbors.
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>> do you want us to knock think on their doors okay. we can definitely do that wherever somebody knocks on my dory get role mad so i wanted to be in the right - and sure we can have a longer communication i want to make sure - >> there's a lace of our staff types of outreach you can do. >> any other pregnancy questions i want to make sure we get through the agenda thank you. >> sfpd. >> officer avery parker i included a short list of requested conditions for the
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poe, of course if there's an incident to notify us and document it you know also not to allow entry for already intoxicated individuals and a list of events be overwhelmed to me i did a drop in awhile back and i think this was maybe december of the space and i know that the alcohol is not in our purview but i found a bar inside where they're selling alcohol illegal against the abc i spoke to them it wasn't going to happen anywhere, etc., etc. they're also applying for a poe and ion their programming is amazing i support what they're after what they're going to do to bring to the community i wanted to be emphasized they tha they
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stay absent asbestos laws that's my main concern they're not keeping the space willy-nilly is that a word i think so any questions for me because my requests are simple as i've ever summit at this point. >> thank you okay. now we have time for that. so if you'd like to come up stand in line please introduce yourselves >> i'm marty grossman i live behind the gray ear theatre mainly i everybody in the neighborhoods are for the gray theatre the main concerns the
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hours for 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. 7 days r a week for 2 hundred people everyone thinks this year explosive for a nonprofit theater is is for more a night club they've had other events that were loud and the floors were shaking and the windows rattling my buildings is thirty feet from they're building the people who live right next door who i know it is critical bad everything was shaking in their house and once spoke to them they sort of had not a good experience with that so that that being said everybody is for the permit with restricted hours different people had different ideas and i stay up late at night i was good with midnight i
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was the first thing to sign the sheet a lot of people are good with midnight it is a complaint through the system if you have a midnight time you can call the police and say it's two loud they're exceeding their permit 0 they don't have to coming up come out nobody wants to be the complainter we've got prostitutes and drunks living on the sidewalk people are tolerant so you know no one else wants to complain so we're in a position to decide nor optimism how loud it should be that's me and i think they're doing construction a dollar theatre space i've been here 18 years a big square empty building they don't have that much money to extend so the feeling is give them a permit with restrictions let's see how
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it goes anyone is going to be exclaiming unless it's awful. >> okay. thank you. >> please come up and introduce yourselves. >> i'm alexander i'm a patron of gray area and neighbor i live two or three blocks away i wrote some things down do give you a background i design professional music software for ipads and things like that it's a solitary work i work from home and my music studio i'm pretty much working solitaire i love don't get me wrong but gray area is a resource for me connecting me with other artists inspiring
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art and their educational program which is really novice what else the educational program they've taught me when i moved her 3 years ago about the adult music it led me on my path where i am today so, yeah based on my history with them i would, of course, i don't know support any inch they have but i think this one is especially important it provides so much support for them financial to help them into the future as joe set mentioned it is not the tint i don't think is to be seen as a night club they don't want the poe to be a night club
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compatible to 1914 fulsome they do interesting art and interesting sounds that is in their opinion one of the most valuable resources in the community as an artist and yeah. thank you very much. >> thank you next next. >> hi, i'm rachel a neighbor of gray area i live on lexington street a few blocks away and run a nonprofit in the mission i'm on the board of liability association but i specify i'm not here as a representative but in my other capacity i'm in full support of this permit i know the reality of running an arts nonprofit and the gifted revenue streams are incredibly important not to be able to work with the limited corporate open
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space tickets but in very difficult economic situations when nonprofits are losing space we're on my nonprofit on our third office space to be able to come in with a smart business plan to sustain a cultural organization is very hard and i don't think the city can support that i'm excited as a neighbor to burger to look at civic arts and technology and to have that happening in our neighborhood in the mission that is as a resident and a person that worked there for an decade it is an incredibly difficult time to have public conversations about appropriate and interesting and creative used of technology is incredibly
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revitalizing to me. >> thank you last call for any public comment on this seeing none, okay i'd like to move. >> so for me an organization and nonprofit that supports music and the art and culture is extremely important the last speaker said it is difficult to make money i applaud you for creating an income stream and retail going for an absent asbestos license not my job to ask you have you any idea how to run a bar that's the abc job to ask you that i think my i mean it sounds like great and i like everything you said me the only things you explicit
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reach out to your neighbors that is a little bit disconcerting that you had to building that developing the space will impact the area around you and that especially with music and especially with that sound like system that you gave us the specs on so you should in some way reached out to your neighbors that's all i have to say. >> commissioner lee. >> you know the project is great thing is an old theatre when a theatre was in play they have a lot of sound like curtains and things in place that doesn't impact the outside so i'm just worried about you're not going to have enough money to go that route but hey maybe with you know with the right equipment and things like that i
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know - >> the mike equipment. >> yeah. >> so, i mean i think the neighborhood outreach is very important because you know running a business and having people call you throughout the night to turn it down is really a pine in the restore i think you should have no more conversations with the neighbors and think about the sound like progressively because i know that part ever your mission is to really do the sound like impact would you tell us sound like curtains you're going to have a lot of problems i move to continue continue this until the outreach with the neighbors and rethink about their engrossment. >> i think having looked at the community feedback and the comments i think that the biggest concern around the 2:00 a.m. close i think that is
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beyond sound until it should you have events that go until 2 people are leaving our establishment another 2:00 a.m. assignment all the bars and clubs for restaurants that maybe open that late that can create a significant community impact at this point so it does behove you to think of different kinds of impacts in terms of security and in terms of you know keeping your sidewalks clear all those types of issues on top of being a good neighbor to some point in time we've heard commissioner lee kind of suggest the potential for a continuance i have to tell you i disagree they can't get a permit until 2:00 a.m. not able to quote with their neighbors that mixing is a
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corridor for others most part we're poes from 2 to 6:00 p.m. they can get a full poe is how i see it. >> okay that's in my opinion. >> i think they should still have a conversation with the neighbors anyway get the february because whether they operate all but way to 2 getting that phone call i've been through this it is not fun it is better to get it done now to operate well so that's in my opinion i take the motion to continue. >> okay. is that a formal motion. >> yeah. i'd like to make a formal motion i don't know how two melting solved in one meeting continue to move for one month to month. >> second to that.
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>> second. >> any further discussion on that. >> yeah. that staff make sure they get a copy if we can of the people that complain so they have a starting point to start with the 77 cap. >> with a motion and second. >> on that motion same house, same call? >> yes. >> so continue until april 21st and i will make sure that i'll can the petition and make sure they have a copy of it. >> thank you very much okay. next up el for item i el for is at 2074 san bruno. >> those are new owners that
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triggered the need for a new application thankful asked for extend hours to serve informed, however, 0 due to a planning issue that's not on the table so what you'll be approving if you choose their place of entertainment permit i have the gentleman here and mark you guess to talk about it. >> below vice president and commissioners i'm march i'm here with two other colleagues that will be the new owners in absence abc escrow it is on the corner of silver avenue and san
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bruno. >> this is out the front door it is very close to the 101 north and south freeway that people across the street about half one story or two story vic arena mixed that bank of america, etc. they on the backside the 101 freeway so it is a little bit of history tore the current owner got a permit in 1986 it will remain active in the project and the building owner hose been open six or seven days a week playing mexican country music the countryside is 95 percent
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mexican over that times no major sound like complaints no violence they've got a mellow crowd country mexican is kind of like country american kind of a mellow the owners were here the two folks in san francisco one in fisherman's wharf and fourth and mission they have extended hours and they go 24/7 a day part of the reason to buy this to bring a new food operation in there and maintain the sort of number night time aspect but bring in early food we've asked for a extend hours
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place permit the planning commission has stayed we need a conditional use so on that one we'll c have it to the call of the chair and to the planning one on the application we'll use a security copy unfortunately i've done a lot of business with mr. winn sorry hose not taking nickel and dime entertainment the reason states it's a liability wise it's too risky that leaves us scramming trying to find a security company at this point, i can't give you more information on that one neighborhood outreach you should have i'm not sure this will show up should have a letter from the
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potrero neighborhood association we went first supposedly spoke to all the neighbors on the one side a large grocery stores with a large parking lot and downtown shop we've invited a lot of nauseous to the castro street neighborhood association so on march telephone we had a meeting it resulted in that letter we're more willing to abide by the conditions we want to be a good neighbor and spoken to the manager of the bank of america and the gentleman has quite a bit of clinic tell early in the afternoon and evening we live in the neighborhood and he's spoken to all of them and basically tell them the venue will remain exactly how it is at the moment the only changes approved food
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operations so - i think if you have any questions oh, sound like proofing it is sort of you can't tell from this one picture behind this wall i'm sorry just behind this wall the building goes to a one story building the stage and the sdaung dawning /* - disdains area we're currently doing sound testing and they have a sound like meter we'll do whatever it takes to make sure the 0 neighbors are not interrupted in their quote
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enjoyment of the premises we're always a good neighbor with that i'll be happy to answer any questions my clients will answer them we request a poe and the continuance on the extended hours. >> can you just describe- it says under the sound like system speakers you have telephone of them? ; is that correct, sir >> is this what you've got. >> page 3 of the application and let me look this is. >> under entertainments slash music. >> hold >> know how many speakers. >> 5 speakers. >> the application says it's hard to understand it says arrow
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12 a. >> the number of speakers so 12 a is the model number for the d s a speaker you have 12 of them you have 5. >> yeah. >> how big is the speaker. >> show me big. >> that is including the box. >> yes. >> thank you any other questions. >> commissioner perez. >> there's no sound like problems before but this venue has this always been a night club but now a bar converted to a night club. >> it was built in 19986 and always been a night club and restaurant. >> those are new owners taking over. >> yes. >> can you tell us our experience in running a night club. >> we have didn't even experience in running a
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restaurant but employed a person that ran a night club so i his name is juan and he ran one in obamacareco poco. >> he worked a long time ago. >> commissioner frost. >> i said this you named the gentleman that run a security that backed out how long ago and is there a pro tem lead in get a contract. >> we contacted him about the same week we put in the
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application and he contact you had to call him 3, 4, 5 two or three times and said sorry mark to be honest i've been in contacts with the second-rate companies and asked a few people what is a good security company i give them a name but other than that i don't know. >> do the skirt companies have security dwours at other companies. >> yes. >> have you contacted them to see if they're interested. >> no. >> okay. any other questions from the commission. >> candle stick park. >> how about neighborhood outreach on your application it says the association is